cycloBEAT Interactive Cycling

cycloBEAT Personalized Group Training

cycloBEAT is a new and revolutionary way to make group cycling more fun and personalized. The characters' speed in the virtual world is based on how well the participants can reach and maintain the Target % (of Max Heart Rate). The target and intensity will change during the race, but your fitness level doesn't matter: success in determined by keeping track of your own target heart rate.

The cycloBEAT system only needs heart rate monitors and a screen. CycloBEAT can be used with any bike and does not require any special sensors or console on the bike.

Supplied with:

  • cycloBEAT Game PC
  • Software with global 3 year warranty
  • 24" Touchscreen Kiosk

Optional: Large 65" LED Screen and Cabinet contains the PC System.
Required: Screen (TV or Projector) / Heart Rate Straps (Polar or MyZone) / Indoor Spin Cycles.
Recommended: Minimum 65" screen or projector. cycloBEAT supports multi-screen setups for bigger groups. Internet connection is required for software updates and global remote support. Recommended number of bikes for one screen is 4-20 and 18-40 when using two screens.

      cycloBEAT by CSE Entertainment

More about cycloBEAT

Users login to the cycloBEAT class from the cycloBEAT touch screen console. The console automatically detects nearby users and login is easy with just a few clicks.
Every user has their own personal data displayed on top of the big screen. This includes username, current HR and % of Max HR.

Target (% of Max HR) changes every 2 min depending on the length and difficulty level of the class. cycloBeat comes pre-programmed with 30, 45 and 55 minute classes with different difficulty levels. New classes are added on a regular basis.

The cycloBEAT platform doesn't require any specific equipment to work except a HR belt.