runBEAT Interactive Running

runBEAT Indoor Running

Interactive: With runBEAT, personal fitness levels don't matter: you can run side by side with others, while runBEAT keeps track of everyone's progress. The avatars on the screen react immediately to the changes in the runners' speeds, providing instant feedback.

Goals: Whether you are going to walk, run or sprint, runBEAT's race tracks offer appropriate distances for diverse workouts. runBEAT can be a complete workout from start to finish or just one part of an exercise routine: use it for warm-ups, interval training and competitions.

Social: runBEAT effortlessly combines running and small group training. Share the thrill of running with others by working together towards a common goal or pushing yourself to the limit in races. The recommended settings include 4, 6 or 8 treadmills.

Competitive: It has never been easier to set up running competitions: just step on the treadmill and focus on the the race. The instant feedback provided by runBEAT helps you decide if you need to push harder to ensure your victory.


  • Supports 4-10 DRAX treadmills
  • Software with global 3 year warranty
  • runBEAT kiosk for navigating the software

      runBEAT by CSE Entertainment

More about runBEAT

Facilities can use a large screen to run competitive individual performance classes in a dedicated room or studio, or simply on the gym floor. This exciting and engaging experience motivates participants, whether they are driven by their individual performance or competing with others, thanks to the real time display of training data on a large screen.

The non-motorized curved treadmills designed and manufactured by DRAX are energy efficient and the curved design challenges the body in a natural way.